Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sometimes I Really Hate Summer

Ooo, did I say that out loud? Ok, I didn't mean it...really! I just hate dry. Dry, dry, dry. Grrr.
It rained yesterday. Or so I thought.

I wandered off to the garden all smiles this morning figuring the wet ground would finally make it a little easier to yank those weeds outta the ground. Well, the paths were, ummm, moist, but as soon as I reached under a plant - dry as a freaking bone!

Alright, so this on and off sprinkle crap all day did absolutely nothing but ruin the 4th. We had tuna noodle for dinner for pete sake. On the local weather blog, people have finally begun to notice what I've been compaining about for forever = the rain keeps splitting in two to our east - half heading south, the other half heading north, and us stuck in the tiny crappy dry circle in the center. What's wrong with this picture? Watching the local radar right now, that's exactly what it's doing again today! :( The water table underneath us is ridiculously low, and our stream has all but dried up. I hope the well schedule keeps holding - that sucker is low.

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