Sunday, July 01, 2007

Goings On

Or maybe not so goings on.

No rain - the well is sooo low :( It's been a toss-up schedule of laundry, dishes, showers, watering the flowerbeds, watering the veg and water changes on the pond. Where's the rain?!

The temps plummeted to 41 degrees last night, and it's suppose to top out in the low 60's today. Yeesh, where's summer? Everyone's bumming that it's suppose to be nasty weather on the 4th with thunder boomers and rain, and I'm doing the happy dance!! :) Ok, lesson learned = when people are hoping for spot-on fab weather for a holiday, don NOT publicly announce your wishes to the contrary. If looks could kill I'd have woken up dead this morning!

WS'd petunias bloomed, and so have the marigolds and a few cosmos. Yay! Lots of bud on the pepper plants and one lonely pepper meandering along. The brussel sprouts have tiny little buds along the stems and the cauliflower are small - but in there. I pulled the very first cabbage from the garden and made cabbage salad. OMG - it was so crispy and sweet! People say it all the time, but it's so true - fresh from the garden tastes so much better. Top broccoli have all been harvested, just waiting now on the side shoots.

D is taking care of 3 of her own toms this year and they're looking wonderful. As long as she keeps on with the watering they should do just fine. I can't wait for her to take that first bite of the tom she grew all by herself!

Bush beans are bushing (the ones the deer didn't eat the tops of) the pole beans are, well ... poleing :) The bee balm has almost opened.

Everything would still be looking so much better with a good soaking rain!

Chipmunk count at 15 with new zip codes. Heh.

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