Thursday, February 08, 2007

It Just Never Ends

If you don't want to deal with depressing whining, quit reading now.

If things come in threes, we're done! Well, unless we add a missed day of work for D because there was so much snow he couldn't get out of the driveway, that'd either be four, or God forbid, we're working on a second set of three.

I swear, you don't realize what a wonderful invention a simple, everday thing like a toilet is until yours decides to revolt. Ugh! But, eighty bucks and three days later, that's fixed.

Ok, good to go? Nope! Furnace decides to throw a friggin tantrum with wind chill at -22 at 3am. Figures! When the stores finally decide to open the next morning (what?! No 24 hour furnace parts stores?) got the nozzel and gun changed and adjusted again (been through this one a few times before), so we're all set? Ha! Water in the fuel, so the lines freeze at 5am the next night (in the cellar no less!).

Fabulous...I think it was too much cold for my newly sprouted azaleas to handle, though the buddleia seemed to have pulled through like champs. I hate, hate, HATE winter!

Fine, that takes the count to three things that have gone wrong - so I thought. Not a chance.

Why is the water pump on so long? Oh, and why is there water pouring accross my bathroom floor? Ummm, that'd be because the heat tape quit working and the pipes froze and burst! Peachy.

So D replaces the pipes and runs all over looking for more heat tape because, of COURSE, everyone is sold out! Grrrr!

To top everything off, my daughter had her heart broken by a cheating boyfriend, so has moved back home. I love having her home, hate that she's hurting and there's nothing I can do for her. Well, short of making a voodoo doll of the little SOB and filling it like a pin cushion. I can't believe she's added up so much 'stuff' in just over four years. Bags and boxes everywhere, but she's hanging in there surprisingly well emotionally.

It hasn't stopped snowing and the temps haven't hit even close to the 20's in almost, what, 3 weeks now? Have I mentioned I HATE winter?

I'm afraid of what's coming next. Geezz, I've lost count...what are we up to?


Colleen said...

Tina----I was starting to wonder about you. We haven't heard from you in so long! Now I know why. You're just never ends. I'm sorry to hear about all the crap you've had going on, and I'm sorry to hear about your daughter.

Take care, my friend. Someday soon, winter will be over!

Sissy said...

I hate winter. Hate it. I hate water, too.
Take care, stay warm!

Tina said...

It really does eem to never stop coming! If this is some kind of test, not funny, but I bet I get an a! lol.

Doesn't winter just suck? There's no other way to put it - it just sucks! If I could afford it, I'd be in Arizona in a heartbeat!

GirlGoneGardening said...

seems to be a run of bad luck lately...

had to go on a heat tape hunt yesterday myself....

with a 5 mile walk to the store (each way) since my freakin' car blew up. And DH's car was in teh shop being repaired after his accedent (of course after we just made $3000 repairs on it a couple weeks ago) I'm wondering if i'll get water back on in my house any time soon....I REALLY need a shower.

Um, hang in there, im sure it will get better.