Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Here I was chomping at the bit to get things going, and now that I've gone and done it...I'm in a complete state of panic.

Buddleia-144 little squirts going gangbusters.
Rhododendrons-If I got out the magnifying glass (don't laugh, it's quite possible, if I could find it), I'd probably see them sprouting, too.
Yellow lily-2 sprouted and I know the next 4 aren't far behind. (they are the cutest little things!)
Amaryllis-growing like a monster.

What have I done?! One side of my brain is overjoyed to the max (it's having a celebratory margarita), the other (if it had a foot) is trying it's damndest to give me a swift kick, muttering, "You idiot! It's much, much too soon! Look, there's a good 10 inches of blowing snow out there and it's still accumulating. Gardening = sun, heat!"

Ok, so I only have to test my gardening skills on keeping everything alive for, ummm...4 more months. Uh-oh. (I'm completely ignoring the fact I'll be starting veg and flowers inside soon enough, so don't mention it!)

I'm not sure which side of my brain I should listen to. Maybe I'll just ignore the both of them and go talk to the plants.


GirlGoneGardening said...

you sound like me ;) I'm going to blame Carol for this!

I am hoping not all 200 Gloxina seeds sprout....

Sissy said...

Are these outside, Tina? Did you WS those things?

Carol said...

Feast or famine, right? I know that feeling of panic. The best thing... just keep planting, and watering!