Thursday, January 04, 2007

What's Normal For Some...

...seems bizarre to others.

The Compact really has people talking. This group of people vowed to buy nothing new for a year. Well, except food, underwear, deodorant, etc. And they managed it.

I wonder if they even have a clue how many people out there already do it, just not by choice, but out of necessity.

I haven't bought one - not one - piece of new clothing in 6 years. I make it all, including underwear. Almost all the fabric I use is garage sale finds. (And when I stumble across some, it makes for a happy Tina, let me tell you!)

Are we that much of a consumer society that this is some new idea? I luuuurve the local 'As Good As It Never Was' shop! And I've given things through Freecycle, but have never gotten anything - yet.

I do buy some things new. I buy for my kids birthdays and Christmas. I buy socks (simply because it's such a PITA to make your own!). They may be just 'things', but think down the line a bit...a factory made those employs people...they purchase supplies...which also employs people...they use electricity...which employs more people...they get deliveries...employing truck drivers...they use machines...made at a factory that employs even more people...on, and on, and on. Ok, it's not like they're little group is going to put people out of work or anything.

So, I'm kind of torn. Yeah, I think it's a good idea, but if I didn't have to do it to such an extreme - I wouldn't!

I'm really curious as to what everyone thinks. A lot of you trade seeds and plants instead of buying them, but what about that 'must have'? I can't imagine any serious gardener NOT buying something! It'd be a little hard to give up fertilizer. LOL, even if you buy manure from a farmer, wouldn't it still be considered new?


Sandra said...

"LOL, even if you buy manure from a farmer, wouldn't it still be considered new?"...Nope it is 'recycled' lol.

Good to find someone not possessed with material things. Glad to me your, I came from Got Serenity? blog, Sissy is a sweetheart, from Memphis, that I met here, I live just out of Memphis, in NE Mississippi.

I collect and trade seeds also, though not as much trading now.

MrBrownThumb said...


You should have mentioned that you have a link to my blog on yours. I'll add you to my blogger list.

When I add you, you should get a boost since I have a 3/10 ranking.

Happy Blogging

UKBob said...

Its an interesting point and I do feel that we buy a lot of new stuff when we could manage without. another thing is that say for example when your TV or something breaks its often cheaper to buy a new one than get it repaired. As for Christmas presents and after Christmas sales, to me that has got way out of hand. I feel that for sure we over consume but I think to deny ourselves things completely would be wrong too. Bob.

Colleen said...

This is interesting, Tina. Hmm. Before we had kids, and we were a two-income family, I'm ashamed to say I was much more of a shopper than I am today. Since I've stopped working to stay home with the girls, there have been changes made. I used to buy new clothes all the time, now, I get a few new shirts a year and do my damnedest not to stain them. We don't eat out at restaurants very often, where before we went out two to three times per week. On the other hand....the husband and I do without...the girls do not. If they want a new toy (within reason!) they get it. Ditto for books, though we make judicious use of our library as well. Sarah does wear Emily's hand-me-downs, but since they're a year apart the clothes still basically look new. Suffice it to say, both of my kids dress better than me :-)

If I could snap my fingers, would I go back to my old ways? No way! We wasted a lot of money, and bought a lot of crap we didn't need. When I compare my own home cooked food to what I can get in most restaurants (and forget fast food places) I'll take mine anyday. I think maturity has something to do with that ( I was 18 when we got married) and the fact that having kids opens your eyes to what's actually important.

Thanks for bringing this up :-)

sewobsessed said...

Hi Sandra,
nice to meet you. Yes, Sissy is a real sweetheart!

I have a bad habit of linking blogs I really enjoy, but not saying so. lol. Probably not a good thing...I wouldn't want to peeve someone. Thanks for adding me.

Hiya Bob!
Thanks so much for stopping by! You're right - Christmas has sooo gotten out of hand. I mostly made things this year, didn't have a choice, but I'll be darned if my kids will go without. Although, they really do appreciate even the little things. (they're good kids!)So, you think about this Compact thing along the same lines as I do then? Maybe good to a point, but not good taking it too far?

Thanks for visiting!
I was married at 18 too - going on 23 years. (And my parents said it would never last-pffttt!)I agree with you whole-heartedly on the maturing and seeing what's important, though, like you, I think having children also has tons to do with it.
I see young adults around me everywhere who seem to have no other attitude than to get 'things' and keep up with the Jones'. (wait til the girls are teens! lol) I think it's an awful lot of entertainment and peer influence today. Nothing like when I grew up. Ok, maybe just not as bad then, anyway.
Now, the new thing is useless stuff for their cars! Underglow? Puhleezz! lol.

As for the books, well, I have to confess - I NEVER get rid of any! I am a total packrat it that regard. I don't know if it ties to the fact I write novels or not, but I just can't seem to bring myself to give them up or away. Although, I've never, ever bought a book new. Weird!

You're right about the food too! Though, I'd really, really like to not have to cook 365.

Angie said...

Why would you buy fertilizer? Don't you compost? Compost is much better than fertilizer! Even if you live in town, you can dig a hole and put your scraps, coffee and tea grounds in the hole. Cover for a month or so and voila-free compost.

sewobsessed said...

yes, I do compost. I don't think my gardens would survive without! I just wondered about all those people that don't. And I'll tell ya - I think aged cow manure is just the shiznitz! lol