Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Started Winter Sowing!

16 containers are sitting pretty.

And I am so organized this year that I'm beside myself with pride.

Imagine...I know exactly what's where, and have homemade tags attached to each jug for planting out time.

I decided that instead of playing with the seed packets, I should organize them.

I dug out an old Mead zip-shut binder with extra pockets and used it to organize the seed with dividers and clear plastic pocket pages. (I used to use it for coupons, but it's still cheaper to buy store brand food -or coalition shop- than it is with brand name and a coupon, so I gave it up.)

I had so much fun making the tags.

Meeeemorrrieeees light the corners of my miiiiiind. Ok, sorry.

You remember Shrinky Dinks? I do! Awesomely fun stuff. I remember experimenting with different kinds of plastic way back when (when I ran out of the plastic you're suppose to use) but they never worked.

But then Robin, (marbles n the garden) over on GW, posted this: Long Lasting Labels.

Oh man! What fun searching the house for plastic stuff to melt in the oven. You can still buy the real Shrinky Dink plastic, but why spend the money? I think the whole point is the freebie.

Can you believe my children were not amused? What is wrong with them!? How can you not be fascinated with hunks of gunk curling all over a foil covered pan?

I found quite a few things that worked, and my inner-child was much satisfied and smug after all those earlier failures.

I made sure to make a point at one end and punch a hole in each piece before it was heated, and hung the tags on every single container so that when I eventually plant the seedlings, the tag gets stuck in the ground with them as I plant. I can't screw this up, right?

Wow, I even have a spread sheet with every container numbered and corresponding with the number on the spreadsheet, including seed number and name, (and the Latin even!) and stuck in a pocket of the binder.

How cool and organized am I?!


Sissy said...

Tina, Can you email me your snail mail addy??

sewobsessed said...

Ummm, maybe if I knew your email? lol. Mine is a link listed on the left of my blog. Of course, who knows if I did it right and it actually works...

Angie said...

I have not heard of garden voices-is it a blog or a web site? I would like to check it out!

Sissy said...

I thought it was on there! I waited and waited to hear from you and it's ME that's missing a few links...
Just another blonde moment...
sorry, it's on there, now!!

Colleen said...

Oh, all you organized people are just making me sick! And here I am trying to dig out from under my mountain of containers and seed packets just so I can START winter sowing.....

Tina said...

Well, get with it, woman! lol. Want me to throw you a rope?
I am so anal about being organized in the sewing and craft areas of my life, but the garden organization was nonexistant...until this year. You'll find something that'll suit you soon enough. Uh, that is, if you can ever find time to sit down and do it!