Friday, January 05, 2007

Speaking Of Silly Tools...

I hesitate to post this, since, I, in no way, want to give them any publicity, but am curious as to how many people would actually buy something like this.

Year Round Tomato

I'm sure you've seen other ads from the same company (Telebrands), including 'Grease Bullet', 'StickUp Bulb', etc. Unless you live in a cave somewhere, it's pretty hard to avoid them.

I can only imagine what frail, spindly plants you'd end up with. I've even tried a few (tomatos) in the pond - not a very successful experiment to say the least, though many people have had great results doing it that way.

I imagine to a new gardener, or someone who doesn't want to go through the whole dirt thing, this would look rather appealing. Besides, how awesome are fresh tomatos in winter?

I would never buy one, just wondered what you thought of the whole idea and components. I'm sure it wouldn't take much imagination to craft your own - and there's probably someone out there that already has something rigged just like it. I'll bet they ain't too happy.

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