Friday, January 12, 2007

Rose Hybridizing

Still have some hips hanging out on your roses?
Why not try growing your own from seed?

This is a very, very excellent hybridizing presentation from The American Rose Society: Rose Hybridizing.

Don't want to learn about all the hybridizing stuff and only want to start from seed you already have? Just skip to step 48.


Sissy said...

Fat chance. The only reason I am doing the WS is because I cannot grow things from seed, girlfriend!
It seems with the WS, I cannot screw it up because I really have nothing to do with it!!
How are you coming?
**Watch your mail!!***

Sissy said...
Hey, Tina. Saw this on the forum, today. It's Northern NY, so it might even be you, but I thought you would enjoy it..!

Tina said...

Hi there! I'm betting you're not giving youself enough credit on the seed thing. My downfall is rose cuttings. I finally got a few more WS containers out. Have you started yet?
Lol, with this nice thick sheet of ice, uh, don't think I'll make it to the mailbox too soon! Ugh! I'll be surprised if we don't lose power here :(
Yup, saw the GW post, (I haunt that forum! lol) but not me. Good discussion though!