Friday, January 12, 2007

The Willow Garden

When I came across this site a few days ago, my nose instantly threw itself to just inches from the screen.

The Willow Garden - What a beautiful Nova Scotia garden! I can just imagine strolling slowly along those paths, exclaiming and drooling over bloom after bloom. The Rhododendrons are absolutely stunning!

All the gorgeous photos remind me that this fluffy white crap will eventually retreat to somewhere and all will be green and blooming once again. And the pics on the Garden Developments page engourages my patience quota, of which there seems to be so little as of late.

Maybe it was envy overload, but once I reached the Saved Seeds page my brain came to a standstill. "They are FREE to good homes." Huh? Whatcha mean free?

I assumed I must have been reading something wrong. Yup, I was thoroughly confused. I couldn't imagine the expense they would incur in such a 'sharing' endeavor!

Off went an email. Sharon responded almost immediately, assuring me I had retained my reading comprehension skills. They were, indeed, free.

So here I am, patiently (ha!) waiting to start some more experimenting this year. Wow, I might actaully end up with a landscape worth ahhing and oohing over. Or at the least, one that is finally something I'm proud of.

If you have the time, give this site (and all those fabulous pics) a good look-see. It's worth it!


Colleen said...


You were right---The Willow Garden totally rocks. Thank you so much for posting this!

Tina said...

glad to know you enjoyed it! I kept fogging up my screen from staring so close. lol