Saturday, January 20, 2007

I'm So......Untrendy

Carol asked about the next big idea, so I blame her for getting me thinking.

According to Gardening Media Group:

Garden Trends For 2007

1. Outdoor Living is In ------ Indoor Living is Out

2. Escape Gardens Are In -------- Everyday Gardens Are Out

3.Streamlined Gardens Are In ------- Shabby Chic Gardens Are Out

4. Eco-Chic Gardens Are In ------- Chemical Needy Gardens Are Out

5. Small Space Gardens Are In ------- Colossal Gardens Are Out

6. Larger than Life Accents Are In --- Peak-a-Boo Accessories Are Out

7. Foliage in Focus Is In ------- Flowers Only Are Out

8. Multi-tasking Gardens Are In --- Time Consuming Gardens Are Out

9. Fancy Plants Are In ----------- Basic Plants Are Out

10. Designer Veggies Are In ---------- Store Bought Veggies Are Out

11. Masses of Any Color Are In -------- Colorless Masses Are Out

12. 24-Hour Gardens Are In ---------- Daytime Only Gardens Are Out

1. This one strikes me as a bit ridiculous. As a gardener, I've been living outdoors all my life, starting with a few lounge chairs, a small table and a picnic table in the middle of my grandmothers garden. I always considered it 'the other room'. And she had this flowering bush (Of course, now I have no idea what it was) that you could tunnel under and became my 'playhouse' every summer - tea sets and all. Unless you're somewhere where the weather is nice all year, a silk chaise lounge and tv just aren't practical. (Ever get the impression these trends are always geared towards California livin'?)

2. Uh, every garden should be considered an 'escape'. I think we all de-stress working with plants, even if they're the basics or in containers.

3. Shabby Chic is out? Bummer, because that's what my style will always be! Streamlined is, well, usually boring. Tidy I like, but streamlined, not so much.

4. Ok, this is something I've always practiced, so one point for me.

5. And where, oh where would I put all those winter sown plants in a tiny space? No way. Small space gardening is just gardeners under duress - not enough space to garden, so they improvise, not downsize. If they have any space, by golly, they'll fill it!

6. "designers are creating the same amount of impact with larger plants and garden accessories". Funny, I thought you just told me they were using "dwarf-sized annuals, perennials and shrubs are now specifically bred for small spaces"? I thought fairy gardens were the new thing? Those fairies are gonna look pretty silly staring up at some monster plant!

7. Guys, catch up - gardeners have grown and admired plants for 'foliage only' for years!

8. Umm, Ornamental Kale or Rhubarb Chard ring any bells? Also been done for years. Anyway, most gardeners don't consider their gardens as 'time consuming' as much as they enjoy the time they spend gardening. If they considered it nothing more than a time consuming chore, they wouldn't do it year after year. Wow, how many of these 'trend-setting designers' are actual gardeners?

9. Well, that why all those catalog descriptions always add "Amaze you're gardening friends with this unusual plant?" And, hate to burst your bubble, but I'll bet many more gardeners are returning to the heirloom varieties or native plants than you might think! We all like to experiment with something new and exotic, but the basics ain't goin' anywhere.

10. Hmmm, I get to give the same answer to this one as I did to 8 and 9.

11. Huh? Isn't this what every flower gardener strives for? Gardeners have loved 'drifts' of color for ever. Most are beautiful enough to take your breath away. Wow, kinda like mother nature does things, eh? So not a new trend.

12. ~sigh~ So not new.

Wow, 1 for me, 11 for the trend-setters. I'm so happy to have lost this one!


Carol said...

I'm afraid I'm not terribly trendy either... I think this list applies to southern California only!

Colleen said...

Count one more untrendy gardener....hmm. Looks like I'm in good company :-)

Tina said...

Huh, maybe it's more trendy to be untrendy! :)