Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hedging Edging

Noncommittal. That perfectly describes me when it comes to edging.

The last time I scoured the internet and B&M stores (who doesn't love Lowe's?) for ideas for edging my flowerbeds, by brain went numb. I don't think I said a word all the way home. Well, it's kind of hard to talk around burned-in visions of brick on your eyeball.

It must have been an interesting thing watching me feel row after row of fencing, brick and paver as my brain function slowly shut down while foamy drool accumulated on my chin. Did you know that if you stare at something long enough it will change color or disappear? I swear, it does!

OMG, soooo many choices! There has got to be some dude sitting in a little dark cubby somewhere, hunched over a blank sheet of paper with only a lead pencil for a friend, and hand shaking as he tries to give his boss the next 'big' thing to edge your flowerbed with. Poor guy, I hope they give hime some crayons this year, cause I am sick to death of white, various shades of gray and brick.

I am so over it! I concede, you win!
Actually, for one bed, I win. I used field stone. Yup, the kind right out of the local farmer's field. Take that, cubby dude!

I like it. It's natural, looks fabuluous, and didn't cost me a dime.

Now, about the other ones...


So, whatcha got in yours? Yeah, maybe I want to steal your idea! Ok, ok, I'll settle for copying it. What's your absolute favorite?


Colleen said...

Absolutely nothing! I just use a straight shovel, push it down a few inches to clean up any grass that I don't want in my bed, and leave it at that. It's easy to mow, because you just let the mower wheels ride the line you made, and you don't have to get the stinkin' string trimmer out to clean it up. The only maintenance I have with it is going along every spring, and maybe once more in summer, to redefine the edge and cut off any grass that's getting too pushy. The lady who lived here before me had those gray concrete edgers with the scalloped edge around every tree. They were the first thing to go :-)

Sissy said...

I am with Colleen. I love the half moon edger, I have it honed every winter. Shoot, now that we don't deal with Bermuda, edging is a breeze, up here in the North!!
Edged beds lend toward a more suburban and commercial effect, in my opinion. We live in an area where the houses are on 2 acre lots. It's a more natural look...!

Tina said...

Well, that'd work if it was just edging for lawn, but this is between beds and paths. I'm using that awful black stuff for now, but we'll see.