Friday, November 17, 2006

The Good, The Bad And What The Hell Is Going On?

Fleur-dis-monster is finished! Woohoo! Happy dance. Ha ha, I win.

Humans - 1
Mouse - o

The watercress in the pond has gone berserk. In November. Figures. It's loving the chill.
I'm not sure what perennials are going to end up making it through the winter between the odd warmth and all this water.

The koi are completely confused.

We definitely have a new leak in the roof.

We had 3 inches of rain in an hour last night, along with 60 mph winds. A lot of people that lost their homes to the flooding in June are getting hit again. This is the third time for some of them this year. I feel so bad for them.

What the hell is going on with this weather? It was a balmy 68 degrees yesterday. I'm not complaining! It was wonderful, but in November? This weather has been absolutley nutsy this year. Thank God, although it's the same storm system, that we aren't getting what they got in North Carolina.

It makes me wonder just how wacked our winter will be this year.


Kerri said...

Yes, last night was awful. Who would've thought we'd have yet another flood? I guess the people down south fared much worse than us though. Poor things. Tornados are very scary.
My clematis seemed to love all the rain, except in June when the wire holding the trellis to the house broke and the trellis bent right over. We had to tie the vine up and rewire in the rain!
Good heavens! I just got a glimpse of....yes, it's sunshine! Oh wait...there it goes! At least it's stopped raining.

Apple said...

I feel bad about your roof. We fixed ours several times and finally had to bite the bullet and hire someone to get it right. Hope you can get it taken care of before it causes too much damage. We were lucky here yesterday, the flooding and wind damage could have been much worse.

Carol said...

I'll be getting a new roof come spring because mine was damaged in a hail storm last spring. I am hoping for a mild winter, though I've read that December is supposed to be colder than normal. Brrr..

sewobsessed said...

Yeah, they got slammed down south-ways hard again. FEMA is still there from June! So sorry about your trellis. No fun doing anything in the rain!

Glad you lucked out! Unfortunately, our roof will have to wait until spring. Nothing we can do about that.

Good luck with the roof! "December is supposed to be colder than normal." Ummm...not good!

Kathleen said...

I just discovered your blog. I am also in central NY. (Southern Tier, near Binghamton)