Monday, November 20, 2006

Fun Stuff

Woke up to skim ice this morning. Bah! Hubby, fantastic guy that he is, moved his old wagon over to the spot I plan on putting my WSing jugs to collect water come springish weather. It'll be much, much easier to dip the containers and bottom water than to try and water through the tops of the jugs and dislodge the seeds. He still doesn't really get it, but at least he's willing to experiment with me. I still can't imagine my flowerbeds actually being full for once, but we'll see.

Since there isn't much going on with my garden (ugh!) and I'll be quite the busy beaver this week (I'm not sure how I always end up being the one to cook Thanksgiving dinner every year-pushover), I thought I'd post some of my winter depression relievers.

Make your own virtual garden. This thing is awesome! You can save, rearrange, add, subtract or wipe it clean and start over.

Plant X-rays. Ok, it's for kids, but I still find it cool.

Spice pages. Everything and anything you've ever wanted to know about spices, including pics of the flowers and dried.

Bet The Farm. Think farming is a big paying easy job? try it!

Optical Illusions. Very freaky!

Scribbler. My kids like this one.

And of course, The Light Before Christmas. I'm sure you've all seen it before, especially if you've seen the commercial, but did you know he did a second one? Honestly, how can you be humbug watching that?

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