Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Point & Laugh

Ok, this is my best attempt at making you trash your yard. Well, part of it. Just a small piece, actually.

Oh, come on!
Don't you want the neighbors peering through their curtains with a look of total shock on their faces? Don't you envy the point and laugh that some of us get? The lips shielded with cupped hands as they whisper amongst themselves with contempt at what you've done? The wide, disbelieving eyes? The carefully avoided topic of plastic underfoot when met out and about by a neighbor?
Those suspicious sidelong glances? The quick slowing of cars as they stare with morbid curiosity at what is obviously your attempt to bring down property taxes in the area? The children's friends elbowing them and asking if their mom is really some secretly mad backyard scientist or something? The sister-in-law wondering how soon should she start filling out the commitment forms?
The appalled look on the hubsters face when you snatch the latest emptied treasure from the trash, and with foot stamping disbelief, ask who in the household deemed it necessary to throw out such a perfect jewel? The danger and adventure akin to 007 when slithering through the shadows to get to the perfect pile in the neighbors recyclable bin? The wonderment of passers-by who only shake their heads as you mutter and try to fill a container with water - that's full of holes? The children wondering if you cooed over them with as much overwhelming concern when they were mere sprouts?
The garden center owners shaking a fist at you as you drive by, smile and wave...instead of pulling in and dropping a wad? The parents wondering if you might have fallen and hit your head a bit too much when you were small? The friends confused because the first thing on your birthday and Christmas wish lists is always 'potting soil'?

Admit it, you're jealous of all those wonderful perks and you want to enjoy them too!

We are a force of thousands. Come along on the journey with us and be part of this wondeful pointed and laughed at group. Come join the revolution Trudi Davidoff started...well, I blame it all on her anyway.

Happy Thanksgiving! May each and every one of you be blessed with much to be thankful for.


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Sissy said...

When do you start to WS, Tina? When I lived in Zone 8, it really didn't work, you can just throw the seeds on the ground and they come up the same way. I was thinking about doing it here, but I cannot believe it can be that easy....