Monday, April 12, 2010

Ugly Pea Trellis

Brrrr . . . it's 31F out there right now.
Yesterday, the weather was finally nice enough to get a few things accomplished.

We got the pea trellis up and the peas planted - all two thousand of them (we've found they do much, much better when crammed on top of each other, as do the peppers (yes, it works!)) - and three rows of onions are in. The onions never did get their second haircut, but that's ok.

Since it's black, you can't really see the old bird netting we used in this picture, but it works a peach.


We chose 'Early Frosty' to trial this year since it's one we haven't yet grown and we haven't really been impressed with the 10 or so other varieties we've tried over the last 25 years.

"64days. Frosty produces a prolific yield of tightly packed 3.5" pods with medium-size peas. A distinct improvement over Little Marvel because of uniformity and higher number of peas per pod. It has a greater number of pods per plant as well. Plants are about 28" tall and have many double pods resulting in almost twice the yield of Little Marvel. Uniform dark green shelled peas are tender and sweet, both for fresh and frozen uses. The best early peas for home garden planting."

Sounds good, right?

Just like every year, the trellis looks ugly now (hey, you gotta do what you can with what you've got), but it'll look fab covered with pea pods! You won't even be able to tell what's under there by the time we're harvesting and freezing them.

Happy (ugly trellis) Growing!


Sylvana said...

Well, I can't really see the trellis, but I love peas! I have been growing the snap peas since I don't have to shell them and I get more food from them. 2000 peas? You must have a HUGE freezer, or you're feeding a pea monster ;)

Laura said...

I'm having a hard time seeing the trellis, but it sounds neat! We just got our peas in the ground last week, I can't wait for them to start popping up!

Lee Jolliffe, Ph.D. said...

I do the same thing (not plant thousands of peas in freezing weather, use ugly trellis). Mine are shrubby branches that I pick up from various messy tresses in the yard. Just jam them into the ground close together. Ugly but effective.