Thursday, October 23, 2008

While I'm Thinking Of It

. . .
The mums are fab this year!
There has been an awful lot of controversy over chrysanthemums.

Better to fall plant?
Spring plant?
Start by seed inside under lights?
Start by seed with wintersowing?
By cuttings in spring?
Mulch heavily?
No mulch?
Don't pinch?

Guess what - In my experience, they pretty much all work here in zone 5 - it's really up to the mum. Do they like you? ;-) Experiment to see what works for you.

So far, I've broken every single rule. I don't mulch. I don't pinch. I don't fertilize. I have some growing in full sun, some in part shade and still others in the dense matt of roots in total shade at the base of a sugar maple tree. They are the one perennial in my yard that is completely ignored and still come through our tough lake-effect winters like total champs!

The best mums I've had so far are the ones people chuck out every year, like these: Rescued.
I'm going to scout out the roadsides again soon. Some people are so wasteful!


Flighty said...

I like mums, and must get some for next year!
I often think that we try too hard and over-pamper plants. Perhaps we should take note that not doing such things ends up with good results. xx

Tina said...

Hey there, Flighty!
Oh, yes . . . if you like mums, you must get some! I think they're fab.
lol, I have a bad habit of not coddleing plants as it is. If it can't take some neglect, well . . . it's outta there. Thank goodness most of my plants do quite well without me!