Thursday, September 18, 2008

Start Of The Indoor Winter Jungle

I've dragged every pot and container possible in, and actually found places to put them...for now.
Cuttings of a few choice coleus - OK, every single one :) - have been plopped in jars of water everywhere.
Pots of impatiens - and yes, of course, cuttings! - are situated on every available horizontal surface.
Fuchsia and Polka Dot plant cutting are jutting proudly from pots for some winter messing about.
Seeds are collected.
Houseplants are snuggled back inside. Asarina and Thunbergia are falling lushly from the ceiling in overflowing, hanging pots.
Rosemary is snugged against a south window. (I really shouldn't have planted tropicals with them ~sigh~)
Tons of cuttings now started for my niece.
The last of the zucchini and green tomatoes will be hauled in today.
Seeds of broccoli, onion and lettuce are collected and drying.
Flowers for drying and pressing have been cut and hung.
Geese are beginning to head south.
I'm ready for tonights frost. For the first time in many, many years, this gardener is ready.


Flighty said...

It sounds like you'll have plenty to keep you occupied.
A frost already! xx

Tina said...

Hey Flighty,
Shhh! Maybe if we don't say its name, it won't show up? lol.