Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I've Been Manipulated!

Back in August, I thought I started a Begonia.
Try again - it was a weed. A buttercup, to be exact.
Weeds are such manipulative buggers. This one got me to care for it as if it was a rare find.
It's either Ranunculus sardosus (exactly what the leaves look like, but not the flower) or Ranunculus scelaratus (exactly what the flowers look like but not the leaves).
Grrr! Do I feel like a true idiot.
I guess it's no different than a plant I want to grow - they manipulate me rather well also.
I just have no clue where the seed for this sucker came from - maybe the potting soil?
Maybe when I don't feel so ... slighted?... I'll scan and post some images of the flowers. ~sigh~
Oh, well. On to the next experiment! :)

Ok...scanned the little bugger:



bestlifelessons said...

Hello,your blog is very beautiful.
This looks very interesting and do want to spend some time looking it over.

Flighty said...

See my comment on your August post. I think that it's a columbine! It dies right back over the winter then grows and flowers again. It also self-seeds very freely. xx

Tina said...

Hiya Flighty!
Nah, definitely a buttercup. I have lots of columbine in my yard already. The leaves are close, but now that it has flowered, I know it's definitely a stupid buttercup.