Thursday, March 20, 2008

Swayed By A Shopping Trip?

I had to leave my house yesterday for a fiercely needed food shopping trip.
I know, I know - your heart just bleeds for me.

There were a couple ladies looking over the, ummm, 'fresh' produce. (Yeah, I moved over. Wouldn't want to get struck by a lightning bolt for that big, fat lie).
Anyway, they were glancing at the prices and chatting quietly about how much they've increased. Hello? You've just noticed?!
No, I didn't say it out loud. I do have some couth, you know.

One lady picked up a pepper, rolled it around in her hand and promptly announced, as she plopped it back on the pile, "This year I'm growing my own."

Hmmm, would I have looked like a total fool jumping for joy in the store? Hold your panties, that was a rhetorical question. Of course, I balled up that smug feeling in the pit of my stomach that I still had enough peppers packed away in the freezer from last years bounty to get us through at least a couple more months.

My husband didn't ask about the smile on my face. I think he's finally realized it's not such a good thing - both the grin and the resulting answers to the questioning.

My youngest daughter just sighed. I'm sure she'd decided that I'd found something else weirdoish in the produce section that I need to grow this year (and she would subsequently have to eat - or at least try).

Gardening is on the decline? (or so some recent articles are spouting).
Uh, I doubt it. At least not around here. I'm betting on the opposite. I wonder how many people are swayed just enough on each shopping trip to 'just grow their own'? I'm betting there will be more veg gardeners this year than ever before. Think I'm right?


Meems said...

Tina: Shopping in the "fresh produce" section of any grocery store could convince even someone like me to start a veggie garden.It is exactly one of the reasons I want to grow my own... freshness and I know there won't be any chemicals. I also understand that not everyone wants to or cares to ... there will always be a produce section. :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the help and advice.
Meems @Hoe&Shovel

Nancy said...

I'd be willing to bet the same thing. I'm getting a few more google hits than usual about growing vegetables and tomatoes.

Tina said...

Hiya, Meems,
thanks for dropping in and leaving your thoughts!
Yeah, I also think people are more worried about chemicals now that they've been made more aware of what we're actually consuming.

Hello, Nancy,
thanks for stopping by!
That's good! Maybe more people will start with easy-peasy toms and move on to more challenging veg? I hope so!

Melanie said...

Tina, I think you're right! I'm so excited about fresh veggies this year.

By the way, my friends up the street are both horticulturalists and work in the industry and they grow all their veggies in big pots!

Tina said...

Hiya, Melanie,
thanks for dropping in!
Oh, I wish everyone was excited as you are. Can you imagine if everyone who doesn't garden grew one veg, just one, and realized how good they taste straight from the plant? They'd be instant converts! lol.
And, how lucky are you to have experst just up the road!? I'll be fumbling this year, but still going to give it a shot...