Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Can Peas Swim?

if they can't, I'm never going to get them planted.

Snow - rain - hail - rain - snow, and yes, it's raining again at a pretty decent clip but will turn back to snow tonight. There are a few school delays from icing. A quick glance at the forecasted temps for the week tells me things aren't going to warm up any time soon.

Carol is already sowing seed in the ground and we're in the same damn zone. That pretty much shows how zone really doesn't mean a darn thing except the average low temp - she's seeing spring everywhere and we're still staring at Old Man Winter. Planting times can be eons apart. No wonder so many new gardeners are confused!


Serenity said...

Peas can swim... they can, they swim in gravy and soup so I think they willmanage in rain, hail and snow! (You are so funny!)

Tina said...

Hiya, Serenity!
Thanks for stopping in.
And, you're right! Peas do swim, don't they? lol, though, I'd hope they could do the back stroke or they'd be in the next neighbor's field by the time this was over. I really am starting to run out of patience with this mucky-muckness.

Flighty said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by to read my blog recently.
It needs to get warmer, and drier, here in London before planting and sowing can start in earnest.
Mind you I suppose that come the summer we'll be complaining that's it's too dry and hot!
Take care and have a good weekend!

Tina said...

Hey there, Flighty,
thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment!
Yes, I suppose you're right - we'll soon be complaining of the heat. lol.