Sunday, October 28, 2007

A New Tops On The Want List

Growing kiwi in Canada? Who knew!

Well, honestly, it isn't solely the novelty of the fact you can grow something towards tropical way up here in the great white north of Central NY, it's more about the form of this (vine) tree. It's fantastic! I wish I could find a decent pic somewhere on the web that really shows it off. Alas.

"A. arguta-Once established, they require minimal care. Vines are very hardy and can be grown northward into Canada and south to Zone 8. The plants are relatively insect- and disease-resistant."

Now, tell me, what's not to love about that?

"The fruits taste similar to those sold in food stores, but are much smaller, have smooth skin, and do not store well. Unlike A. chinensis, the fruit of hardy kiwi may be eaten skin and all."


Besides, it even tickles my crafty side:

"Cut vines can be fashioned into decorative wreaths much like those made from grape vines."


"Large, dark-green, oval leaves that are very hairy underneath adorn the vines. Fragrant, white flowers make it an asset in the spring landscape."

I can sooo picture three of these little darlings lined up beside the driveway, trunks surrounded by heaps of fabulous tulips in the spring. Sigh.

Why, oh why, wouldn't this be sold at every nursery to replace those God-awful problem children like Bradford pears that are seen in every landscape from here to Timbucktoo. It looks so wonderful when pruned into a tree form.

Really, would a little once-a-year pruning be too much trouble? Ok, so you have to have room enough for 2 - one male and one female. But, for the life of me, I can't really find a downside to this (vine) tree.

Why do I always seem to find the perfect plant I can't have? lol. Ahhh, well, it's definitely still on the top of the want list!

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