Monday, October 29, 2007

New Seed To Try, First Frost

A lady from Kentucky sent me some interesting seed to try for next year. Well, probably more interesting to me than to people that grow them every year.

BES vine
Cypress vine
Picotee MG

Thanks barnbatt! She also sent me some Nicotiana, which isn't new since Kim sent me some last year, but they never seeded for some reason. I loved them though, so am so glad I have some more to grow next year. I'm going to try them in a different spot, I think.

We had our first hard frost last night. I haven't been out yet to check on damages, but thought I'd record it so I can look back on the date in future.

I finally cleaned out the mailbox bed. Sad to see it so bare.

I can't imagine if I could afford to do seed exchanges all the time. I dunno, maybe no lawn would be a good thing!

I don't know why I keep watching gardening shows so I can drool. I'll never have beautiful rows of azaleas, perfectly clipped hedges, enough spectacular flowering trees to divide my garden into 'rooms'. Why, oh why do I punish myself with garden porn?

In reality, I know it's nothing but a dream anyway. Who could manage to take care of that much garden? Being surrounded by farm fields, I have enough trouble keeping the weeds out as it is! Hmmm, the one downfall to living in the middle of nowhere? Not so funny when the air is so full of puffy weed seed that it looks as if it's snowing in August. And guess where they all land?


blueblue said...

I'm totally addicted to garden porn.

I am a beginner gardener and I want it they have a twelve step program for that problem?

I love your blog. I haven't laughed this much on a gardening blog...ever.

Tina said...

Hey there blueblue.
Uh, you won't get any 12 step advice from me. Ummm, I'm an enabler!I know...bad, bad.
Glad you enjoy the blog.