Saturday, August 04, 2007

Who Are These Shows For?

I've had lots of rants lately, but I can't help it. I bounce around the channels a lot on Saturdays, usually trying to find something garden related to watch.

Inevitably, I more than not end up at HGTV. (Yeah, they really, really need to delete that G). I mean, there isn't much else on anywhere near gardening mode, is there?

I have a large bone to pick with HGTV...I mean really, WHO, exactly, are these shows geared toward anyway? My idea of a good time is not watching a show where I could do little more than drool over anything they're putting in.

Landscapers' Challenge this morning: "With a budget of only 75 thousand dollars..."

My eldest daughter almost choked. "Seventy-five thousand dollars!? Who does that? Who spends seventy-five thousand for a freaking dinky backyard?! I don't know anyone who has a house that cost that much!"

Exactly! I didn't bother to tell her that that budget was a tad on the low side for that show-it's sometimes in the hundred thousands. She probably would have had a heart attack instead of simply sputtering trying to get the few words out she did.

There are a few more shows along the same vein, but I can't think of them right now. But-

WHO does that? Who is HGTV trying to target? What's on their send-in application?: "Only millionaires need apply-proof of checking account balances mandatory"?

Obviously these shows are not intended for the average Joe. Hmmm...I'm not sure millionaires are hanging out in their living rooms on a Saturday morning, remote in hand, worrying about just how they're going to make that 20'X20' backyard look like, well ... a million!

Hey, HGTV, get over yourselves and get back to shows for 'normal' people, will ya?! I'm sick of being disgusted with your 'upper-crusty' people and budget choices.

Besides, I can think of much better plants and building materials to spend that kind of money on. And even have change left!

Ha...I'd completely forgotten about my gardening show rant back in November.


Wicked Gardener said...


I tend to watch te "budget" shows because they are the only ones that have ay ideas in my price range. The lack of gardening shows actually makes me long for old episodes of Martha Stewart - and I never thought I would say that!!

Tina said...

Hi wicked! (love that sn!) thanks for visiting.

Glad you agree :)
Though, I'm pretty sure there's nothing that would make me long for anything to do with Martha Stewart. lol. That woman is a menace!

Daria said...

I agree. I guess it should be HTV. There's one holdout: Gardening By The Yard is good, when they bother to run new ones. Paul James is a riot and one can learn from him. I wish they'd stop changing the show time around, too.

Tina said...

Hi daria, thanks for dropping by!
Lurrrve Paul James. He's the man!
A Gradener's Journal is a good show too, but they keep switching it around also. I'm just pretty much fed up with HTV (I swear I'm not useing the G ever again) all the way around.