Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lying Down On The Job

The fall before last, on the annual junk hunt, I scored some very nice tomato cages someone had thrown to the curb.

I was so happy this spring while sinking them into the soft soil around the newly planted tomato sprouts - imagine, no staking, no ties, no fighting with wayward branches.

Those cages have always worked so well...until this year. I have monsters in the garden. Monsters! The kids laughed when I told D to get out there and get his own monster under control because it was eating the rest of the garden. (I may plant those cherries, but after that, thay are no longer my responsibility!) I made them go look - they quit laughing.

Tomatos as ground cover. Who would have thunk it? My paths have completely disappeared beneath fallen, behemoth tomato bushes. Never have I had plants this big! Not a single one is anywhere near what could be considered an 'upright' position. (or a normal size!)

I'm not sure if it was the wind or the shear weight of the plants that finally did it, but those stupid cages? - Definitely lying down on the job! They are sooo fired.

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