Friday, August 17, 2007

Intense Summer

And I can see it's going to be a crazy fall.

They're talking frost warnings for Saturday night to the north, in freaking August.

Lake effect rain expected. Yeah, "lake effect"! Ugh...I'm not ready to start saying those words in any capacity!

We got pounded on from storms last night - we lost power once and had wicked straight line winds - but thank goodness we didn't get the golf ball and ping pong ball sized hail they got just to the north and east of us. Lots of cars lost glass. I'll take the deluges of rain and lightning instead, thanks. Ok, so the lightning took a few trees out, but still better than hail that size!

This whole years worth of weather has just been nuts. I know I keep saying it's been like that, but in all of my years growing up on the farm, I never saw a whole years worth of mess like this. Extremes, yeah, but never all in the same year.

It was bad enough that things got shredded with the last round of downpour and hail. I wonder how my melons are gonna handle this next jolt?


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