Saturday, June 09, 2007

Well, Make Up Your Mind

6/7/07 = record low of 37

6/8/07 = record high of 93

It was the second driest May ever.

At least the storms that rolled through last night were no where near as intense as to the west.

It is so not a decent gardening year. Every day a different plant is either happier than a plant in ... well, you-know-what ... or moping.

My Aunt called to commiserate. We ended up having a pretty interesting discussion on the 'playing' of gardening.

Playing. We've decided that is exactly what the majority of people do, but then again, it's suppose to be a fun thing, right?

Neither her, nor I, get to play, however. For us it's pretty much work, not so much of a hobby. If there's a year like this with crappy weather and we get a low harvest, well, we get to put less in the freezers. Period. There is no 'just running to the nursery to replace' whatever plant the wind, temps or hail took out.

We've come to the conclusion there is a pretty hard line between the playing of gardening and the necessities of it. Maybe dabblers would be a better word.

Hmmm...besides her and I, I don't really know many people that garden specifically to preserve for winter. I think the biggest difference is that if we don't harvest, we don't eat vs. they don't harvest, they just buy. As far as the flowers, we absolutely adore them all, but if we get wiped out it isn't something we depend on.

With all that said, we still get an unbelievable amount of joy from gardening, even when things go wrong. Here's to hoping both her and I both end up with a grand veg harvest.

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