Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Rain, Beautiful Rain

The bog is full again. Second driest May on record. Pretty pitiful that I've actually had to water a bog for the last month, but everything seems to have made it through the dryness trials. And the water iris are showing their pretty blooms.

The birds are very happy about the sky dumping. The robin that shows herself daily to dig through the leaf litter at the bog bottom, used it for a bath instead this morning.

On Tuesdays, they have a call-in on the news for gardening questions for the local gardening expert. (I wouldn't exactly call her that, but she's better than nothing, and has one heck of a good personality - I like her). I had to chuckle when somone called asking about the population explosion this year of squirrel and chipmunks digging up their plants and what to do about them. Because I refuse to kill anything living (mice and rats exuberantly excluded from that list!) we finally resorted to using a Havahart trap and giving them a brand new zip code. 10 chips so far! Unreal! The lady where hubs bought the trap said you have to take the little boogers at least 2 miles away or they'd be back. Every time I start grumbling about how much it's starting to cost in gas to cart those suckers away, the hubs simply asks how many flowers and veg we'd like to actually have left by fall and I immediately clamp my lips shut.

I'm debating whether to chop the blooms from the yellow iris. The brutal wind over the last 2 days has broken every single one and layed them right to the ground. The poppies opened and the petals were promptly blown off. Sigh.

The peas are loaded with blossoms, as are the peppers. We forgot the epsom salts to stop the blossom drop. Unlikely that we'll get away without using it (haven't figured out why this happens every single freaking year!) but we'll do the wait-and-see again. At least for a while yet, since so far, so good.

I've gotten almost all the winter sown jugs planted out. I ended up at about 50% germination, but with the stupid season we had, I'm calling that pretty darn good! There are a few that I'm still stubbornly hanging on to and hoping for. Another lesson learned this year = don't use yogurt cups, they dry out way too fast.

I sheared back the alyssum, which made me a little sad, but they look so much more thick and green - crossing my fingers for a second bloom.

Everything in the veg garden is doing wonderfully! Of course, as soon as we planted the canteloupe and watermelon seeds, the temp dropped to 40. Doesn't that figure?

I finally gave up on the idea of finding somewhere to put the extra tomato and brussel sprout seedlings. My daughter made a nice free sign last night and we put them out by the roadside. I'm anxiously waiting to see if someone will give them a good home or they'll end up in the compost pile. Geez, I really hate to waste anything!

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