Monday, March 05, 2007


Ok, now the winter blues are really setting in.

It's snowed every friggin day since February 1st...another ice storm hit and took out power and trees...5 inches more snow already this morning...roads closed due to blizzard conditions...30 below wind chill...temps 30 degrees below normal.

Everyone is posting pics of all their spring blooms, and honestly, with almost 4 foot of snow on the ground (well, what isn't blowing around so hard it's total whiteouts), I have been completely ignoring them! Hope all you 'got blooms' people are happy with yourselves! :)


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Apple said...

At least with the melting last weekend I'm hopeful we'll be able to see the ground sometime in May.

The white outs did me in today, I wrecked my car. I may just stay inside until May :-(