Monday, December 04, 2006

Sew Far Sew Good!

The corn therapy bags turned out awesome! They really, really work. And work great!
I can't believe I didn't try making some before. I'll make some for the kids since you can use them as ice packs also. Maybe I'll have a chat with the school nurse and see if they could put some to use. It certainly would give me something to do this winter and use up some scrap.

I guess I'll give in and try some of those 'cool ties' for gardening come spring. Well, if I'm not too busy with the actual garden itself to sew, and if I can find polymer crystals cheap enough.

So far so good on the rose cuttings, too. They've put out lots of leaves, which is a good thing, but not so good. I'd rather they put their energy into making roots instead of leaves, but at least I know they're still alive.

It just got light enough to see outside - snow. Figures.

Syracuse has been voted, by Dave Gilmartin, as one of the worst places in America to live in his new book.
Well, color me shocked...


Colleen said...

Tina, I envy anyone who can sew. I'm lucky if I can manage to hem my kids' pants straight!

My kids are tiny (one and two) but I'm looking forward to the day they make me their first card---and I totally agree with you--anything they make me is pricelss compared to something they could buy. Here's hoping you get what you want this year :-)

sewobsessed said...

Sewing is easier than you think! I bet you could do it, no problem. I made all my kids clothes when they were little, and all the suits I have, I've made.

Wait until your children come home from school with those first little handprint things...You'll be a puddle!