Sunday, December 03, 2006

My Kingdom For A Shed

We need a shed. Ok, so D needs a shed, I need a potting shed.

It's surprising how much stuff there is to put away come winter. Isn't it amazing how much you find you've collected when you finally have to clean, organize and store it?
With nowhere to stash it, it all sits behind a corner of the house covered with ugly blue tarp.

I saw a gorgeous potting shed on one of those shows a while ago. Oh, man, to die for! running water in a bathtub sized sink, full of fabulous cupboards and shelves, slide out soil bins, antique gardening stuff on the walls and even a small reading corner in a sunny window, complete with a small gardening book library. A place for everything, and certainly, everything in its place.

I couldn't be allowed one of those - I'd live in the thing!

But I do have something I think is just the cutest... a small bathroom sink and cabinet. I repainted the under-sink cabinet white (to match the planter benches D made for the ponds) and left the top alone, since it was white already. The brass faucet already had a tinge of vertigree, though I might rip it out if I can find a more antique-ee one.

There's enough storage space in the bottom for my small stuff; trowels, cultivator, etc. It also gave me somewhere to store a few excess pots and soil. I planted portulaca in it last year and it looked so cute! Maybe next year I'll try pansies since they bloom the longest. Wish I could take a pic of it. I only had one person give me the 'There's junk in their yard' look.

My poor tulips are confused with this weather. They've poked their little heads out of the ground an inch or two. I'm sure they'd realized their mistake once the temps dropped like a rock from 68 to 34. But the upside - the sun is out! Although it isn't expected to last the day, I'll enjoy it while it's here.

On another note-
A man in Glens Falls has had a fabulous lights display for Christmas at his house for years and years. People come for miles around to see it. This year, he had a car accident and couldn't do it. The community was so disappointed, they pitched in to put the display up and are paying the electric bill so everyone can enjoy it this year too. Yay for Christmas spirit! The full story.


Blackswamp_Girl said...

What a great story. :)

sewobsessed said...

I thought so! Gave me a huge smile.

Trudi said...

We saw his lights Friday night! :) I'll try to remember to take a picture of them the next time we go to Glens Falls.