Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Tuesday Chuckle

Why is this a chuckle post? Because all you Southerners get a chance to point and laugh. Yeep, that'd be the white crap falling in my yard today.


Suppose to be 80F by Sunday. I don't believe 'em.



Anonymous said...

I'm not laughing I'm sympathising as it's a crazy world with crazy weather! Flighty xx

Laura said...

We've had the occasional threat of snow lately, although luckily nothing stuck. Late snow, bah!

Food Hog! said...

Weather is crazy no matter where you live. Today the 30 plus wind gust are killing the taller plants! And tomorrow night tornados!
Good luck.......

Tina said...

Hiya, Flighty,
thanks for popping by!
Thanks for the sympathies - they're actually calling for snow on Mother's day (the 9th). Ugh!!

Hey there, Laura,
thanks for dropping in!
I agree - late snow, BAH!

Hi there, Food Hog,
thanks for dropping by!
Oh, brother! It sounds like you're also having one nasty time of it :(
It's gotta get better, right? Good luck to you also!