Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Bee Banquet

I put the pot of forced hyacinths outside for a good watering and some sun. A few minutes later, they were smothered with bees:



Those pics are of just a few blooms - there are 16 plants in this pot and there were dozens forcing themselves inside the blooms of each plant. I was delighted to see them, but am a bit worried. I've never seen this many awake this early.
This is probably their first meal of the year since there is nothing blooming yet. The daffodils and tulips have barely poked the tips of their leaves above ground.
Hopefully there will be something else flowering for these hungry bees by the time the hyacinths fade. It's only March for pete sake, even the dandelions won't be blooming for at least another month. I'll keep putting the pot outside daily until the hyacinths are done for. Now I wish I had forced lots more.
The temps went directly from freezing to 50's F. It might be much too early for the bees to be awake yet. I sure hope they have some hive food left!

Happy (for the bees) Growing!


Kimberly said...

Wow! The color and fragrance of these blooms certainly are a draw for the bees, as well as people!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! A plot neighbour keeps hives on his plot so there are always honeybees buzzing around here! Sadly he did lose quite a lot over the winter and will have to recolonise some of them.

ChickenFreak said...

Pretty! But just a little tiny bit alarming.

Amy said...

It is definitely a bee banquet and they might want seconds, thirds, as so on. Pretty blooms!

LC David said...

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debsgarden said...

The bees must have thought they were in Paradise! Lucky for them and great for you to help them out.

GroundoneMN said...

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