Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter Robins & Icey Beauty

I was rather jealous of Flighty when he posted about his robins on the 21st.
I hadn't seen mine since December and was missing them.

People think they're strictly summer birds that leave for warmer parts in fall and return come spring, but this isn't completely true.
Though solitary birds most of the time, those that choose to stay around for the winter, mostly juveniles, will flock together and show up periodically through the winter months.

Even though there were about 50 of them in my yard, I wasn't as lucky as Flighty to get a good closeup shot, but I did manage to click a couple of one of them,


until he noticed me.


They are shy birds most of the time, but I've found that in winter they are overly skittish. I don't blame them since it's a lot harder to hide in all this winter bareness.

Since I had the camera out and the sun peeked out for a few moments, I thought I'd take some pics of these beautiful sparkling gems . . .


(I don't know what happened when I took this one, but it looks cool)


This is my favorite-


Although I am terribly sick of all this snow (another 10 inches coming today) there is still so much beauty out there it might not be all that bad. Yeah, I'm fibbing - winter still stinks!

Happy (winter beauty) Growing!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tina many thanks for the linked mentions, which are much appreciated!
I'm sorry to read that you've not seen your robins lately.
Although I see mine most days they are very camera elusive so I was well pleased to get a few good photos at long last.
I love your wintry pictures, which look rather cold!
I've had enough of winter as well this year so roll on spring! Flighty xx