Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mouse & Trowel Awards Returning in 2010


Colleen Vanderlinden, founder of the Mouse and Trowel Awards, will be bringing them back for another year of great blogger awards starting in April. This year's M&T's are being sponsored by Botanical Interests Seed Packets.

The official Mouse and Trowel Awards site is here: Mouse and Trowel Awards 2010.

If you're already a member of Facebook, you can go here to learn more (You should still be able to view the page without being on FB):

Mouse and Trowel Facebook Page

What you will find on the M&T FB page in the future-

"News about nomination and voting deadlines, announcements about categories, sponsors, and other news."

I'm really glad she's decided to host these again this year.
Let's all let her know we appreciate it and show her our support!
If you're already on FB, go click the 'fan' button. If not, this might be a good excuse to sign up.

Happy (Mouse and Trowel) Growing!


J to the... said...

Cool thanks for the link...

Tina said...

Hey, Jenn,
thanks for dropping by!
You're welcome. Hopefully everyone is thinking about those blogs/bloggers they'd like to nominate this year. I'd love to see some new ones win for once...