Wednesday, January 20, 2010

TSC Soil Sale and a $5 Coupon

Yay!!! I cashed out my pittance survey bucks (they changed from paying cash to points. Say Wha?!) and I finally got my potting soil for Winter Sowing!
I am so freaking happy . . . you have no idea!

Ok, so someone local posted on a forum that Tractor Supply Company had Miracle Gro potting soil on sale for two bags for $7.

I already knew about the TSC printable coupon (goes to your email so you can print whenever) for $5 off $25, (expires April 2010) which was changed recently from the $5 off $20 one that expires Jan 31. Well, idiot me didn't want to waste ink if I wasn't going to use the coupon so missed the off $20. Yes, smacking myself in the forehead.

But, I now have 7 bags of MG to WS with!

~Doing the happy dance~

Oh, and a package of 'Early Sunglow Sweet Corn'. Well, I had to buy something to make up that last 50 cents so I could use the coupon. :)

Without all three things lining up, I wouldn't have been able to do any Winter Sowing this year. So, Woohoo for me!!

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