Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Peppers And Lipstick

The peppers are really starting to come in! I can't wait until the purples and reds bulk up. Definitely growing the whites (Diamond) again - that plant is absolutely loaded with little peppers yet to come. It seems to have put up with this year's wacky weather the best of all 144 plants.


What is the deal with my Lipstick plant?! This is suppose to be one of the easiest to grow, and I can't seem to make it happy. Tried high humidity, low humidity, more water, less water, more sun, less sun . . . UGH! This thing is making me crazy. I've had it for three years. The first two years it was wonderful - loaded with blooms and leaves. There weren't any sudden changes. So, why all of a sudden does it look as if it's at death's door? Poor thing. I just can't figure out how to make it happy when I was doing so well with it!




Flighty said...

I don't eat peppers so I don't grow them!
I had to google Lipstick plant to see what an exotic plant it is. I'm sorry that yours is in such a sad state! xx

Tina said...

Hiya, Flighty!
Really? A lot of people seem not to like them. We love the sweets though - in almost everything - so I try to grow lots. They're wicked expensive here!

Thanks for the sympathy on the lipstick. I wish i knew why it was so unhappy so i could fix it.