Thursday, March 26, 2009

HGTV Has It ALL Wrong

I think they're either insane, don't know what they're talking about, don't read news (or blogs for that matter) or are little tipsy for 20 hours of a 24 hour day. Seriously. And yes, even 'real news' is reporting how much HGTV sucks when it comes to that non-existant G.

I read this article, from November 20, 2008, from Joe Gardener called Keeping the “G” in HGTV – Why that’s not so E Z, to which he referred to another article he'd written, called Keep the “G” in HGTV” please!, to which a producer (Yes, a real HGTV producer) replied this:

“Gardening shows do not bring in the ratings. But, landscaping shows do. While not a lot of people "garden", they do landscape. Meaning while they might not be out there planting vegetable gardens they are renovating their yards. If they do garden it is to incorporate an herb garden or blueberry bushes into the landscape. And landscaping shows do bring in the ratings, especially if they have drama”.

Is she serious?! They don't bring in the ratings, you fool, because there AREN'T ANY TO WATCH!

Oh, my, God! No wonder they aren't listening.
Poor Paul James. They don't have a clue, and he doesn't have a prayer of getting anything through their thick skulls, along with the rest of us gardeners. Don't bother emailing as you'll only receive an automated return answer, as was proven when an email campaign went through GW. Yes, they so care about their viewers. (yeah, that'd be sarcasm).

So, to sum up what HGTV is really all about: Gardeners' (those that would actually return to watching the freaking channel and buying what those advertisers are spewing) count for nothing. Absolutely nada, zero, zip. We aren't even a tiny speck of dust on their revenue chart.

Aren't you glad the HGTV producers have such a grand grasp of reality? I sure am, as I wouldn't know what to do if I actually had a choice between more than two gardening shows! Oh, the dilemma that could cause in my, apparently, non-astute tv-watching- gardening day. . .

Well, my goodness, they have Live Chat! My, oh my. Who knew. This could be interesting.

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Nick said...

HGTV indeed has it wrong. The "G" no longer stands for Gardening, it stands for Greed.