Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Review Of Home Grown Popcorn

Last year the hubs and I happened to spot a packet of popcorn seed at a local Ace Hardware.
We hemmed and hawed about wasting space/money on something that might not produce well, but since we try to grow something a little bit different every year (this year it's the Peter Peppers - someone is sending me seed! Yay!) and since my Aunt has experience growing it, we weren't totally in the dark. So, we decided to go ahead and waste a sweet corn row/seed money on the popcorn instead.

Wow, am I ever glad we did!

Even though it wasn't the best growing season for corn (see previous post), it still turned out very well. The ears ended up small, again, because of the weather, but it still did well even in adverse conditions. We harvested the ears after the stalks died, stored them in the open in a mesh bag inside the house for two months and my youngest and I sat at the table and shelled them all within 30 minutes.

And holy cow - the flavor! What a difference from store bought kernels! Seriously, we were blown away by how fresh it tasted. No comparison to the stale store bought. Of course, until you taste the difference you'd never know. And it did take a bit longer to start popping. But, those hard kernel skins that always get stuck in your teeth? Not so with those we grew. Those skins were so soft you could actually chew them!

This year, we're growing three rows!

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