Thursday, November 13, 2008

Link Love

Thought I'd share a couple links I've discovered recently that I really like:

The Survival Podcast
(Jack Spirko does almost daily podcasts (while driving to work) - not a fanatical survivalist. He's a normal guy that's just like most of us. They also host a forum. Just click one of these at the top of each blog post to listen to the podcasts: Play Now Play in Popup Download)
The Survival Podcast is a daily blog/podcast that discusses the current state of the global and U.S. economy and what individuals can do cope with and prepare for uncertain times. We cover everything from peak oil threats, to gardening and homesteading to political discussions and even some wilderness survival skills.

Homesteading Today Forum
A little of everything and anything to do with how to grow it, raise it, build it, etc.
Give it a browse - I bet you'll find something you'll like.

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