Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Big Dudes Make A Visit

Wow, the Weather Channel people are in town. I'm impressed!
Kind of gives a clue as to how bad our weather has been.
Power lines are down, schools are closed. (not my daughter's - she's not happy. lol)
The snow amounts only ranged from 5 to 12 inches, but it was that heavy, sticky stuff. That wind was the killer!
I don't want to see what's outside the window when the sun comes up.
This type of weather in October isn't totally unheard of, but it sure does suck!
We'll get to start all over again next week as it's suppose to hit 50 F on Friday, plummet for the weekend and back up to almost 60 F on Tuesday.
Back to our old CNY saying: If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes, it'll change.


Flighty said...

We had snow here in London last night which was a surprise. It was only a dusting but some settled and was still around this morning.
I wonder what the coming months will be like both there and here! xx

Tina said...

Hey there, Flighty!
Serious - snow in London already?
Hmmm...maybe your earlier 'mirror theory' is really spot on!
We'll both have to start posting about the weather more to continue comparing.
This should be interesting.