Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Flipped Off

I guess even the veg get a bit disgusted with the neglect they begin to suffer around this time of year. How not cool is it for them to flip you the bird?

Of course, my oldest daughter just couldn't resist messing with it :)
I think that even our pond residents are a little disgusted that our daily conversations have become a lot shorter these days. Then again, maybe they're as depressed as I am that fall is here - which means winter can only be closer than we'd like it to be.

The tomato sauce is cooking.


I'll end up being able to freeze about eight gallons. Not bad! I was finally able to get ahold of some vinegar, so I'll be able to put up a few quarts of pickles tomorrow. Yay! The only things left to get into the freezer are the brussel sprouts and we're still waiting on the corn from having to wait on the weather and getting the seed in the ground late. Zucchini are still coming in at the rate of a couple a day.

Oh, and the popcorn is still to come!

The flowers are trucking along as if it'll be 80 F forever. Now that it's fall, we've finally arrived at summer. Stupid weather! We ended up only getting three very small Moon and Stars watermelons. It was just too cold for them to grow worth a crap. On the bright side - for some reason, my son's hot peppers produced great! Go figure. My green peppers didn't do crap.

I'm at that early fall 'don't give a crap' point. It'll pass. It always does.


Flighty said...

It's been a dreadful summer over here. August was the least sunniest on record, and one of the wettest. The damp, mild weather has given us blight, fungus and mildew on just about everything!
I love your frog photos. I hope that mine return to the pond in the spring.
Roll on next year as it has to be better doesn't it! xx

Tina said...

Hiya Flighty!
Wow, we have mirror weather!
So sorry your summer stunk, but you're right, maybe next year. ~crossing fingers~
I just want to get to spring and try again and it isn't even winter yet. Ugh!
Yup, I lurve my frogs. Shhh, don't tell, but we have some pretty engaging conversations on most days. lol. I bet yours come back - they know where life is good! :)