Monday, May 05, 2008

Over The Weekend

It's exactly 30 F outside. There is steam rising from the ponds this morning and I suppose there will be tomorrow morning also.

Not as much got done this weekend as I'd wished. Of course.

The hubs got some of the garden weeds rototilled in the veg garden.
They was gettin' big, Ma!
What the heck is it with plants you want and weeds. The one's you want have only grown to toddler stage and the weeds race ahead to teenage-dom. Hmmm, at the size of them, maybe even middle aged.
Most got cut down in their prime. Too bad for them!

Mother Nature needs a Prozac. We had a hot, dry April and now that it's May, were dipping into the 20's F at night and getting soaked. She really needs to level out her mood swings or something!

I got 2 flowerbeds weeded. Doesn't sound like a big whoop, but a true pain in the ass. The rock wall around the tree bed had to be completely torn apart and weed roots yanked from underneath.
I divided some Lamium clumps and threw them in the pockets of the rebuilt wall here and there. That's one plant I wouldn't mind spilling into the walkway. Lamium is a fab plant! It flowers from April until well after frost, has the cutest white and purple flowers, the bees love it, it will grow in deep shade and keep on trucking, the leaves are fabulous variations of frosted variegation and it's a peach to rip out if it decides to explore past it's boundaries. Choosing to use the white flowered type, or the variety with the brightest frosted leaves will brighten up a gloomy area with it's glow like nothing else.

Seriously, I think Lamium is one of the most underused plants ever!

That freaking creeping (insert whatever weed you can think of that creeps and makes you crazy) is a whole 'nother story. I've been ripping 'creepy' crap up by the handfuls.
~sigh~ sometimes living in the country has it's downside.

At the rate I'm having to go - I'll never get finished.


Flighty said...

That's way to warm for me! Anything over 20 or so and I start to melt!
I've spent much of the past two days weeding and it looks pretty much the same! xx

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Weeds are growing like er weed here too. I've done 2 flowerbeds, 4 more to go. Fortunately it isn't as hot here as it is with you, between 20 and 23 C.

You are right lamium is underrated. I use it a lot too, it's a great weed suppressor, it looks beautiful and bees love it, what more could you possibly want? :-)

Happy weeding! LOL

Tina said...

Hiya, Flighty,
thanks for dropping by!
Oh, I mean 20 fahrenheit. lol, not heat (I wish!) but brrrr.
I don't know what that would be in C, but must be hot?

Hey there, Yolanda,
thanks for stopping in!
Well, there's that Emerson quote, "A weed is just a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered."
I'm still trying to figure out what the virtues of most of them are - besides tenacity. lol.
I really should remember to include the F when I'm recording degrees as the US is still lagging and not using C like the majority of the world.
I'll be sure and fix it...

Flighty said...

I should have read the entry properly! 30F is way too cold!That's below zero!
Roughly 60F is 15C and 75F is 25C. It's above 70F here this week which is plenty hot enough for me. Around 65F is just about right I reckon! xx

Tina said...

Hey again, Flighty!
Holy cow, that means 30 would definitely be way, way too hot.
I agree with you - 65 is about perfect, though I'm sure my peppers would be happier at 30C. lol.
I need to learn to use the F to C conversion chart as my brain has a really hard time getting rid of the F that has been pounded into my head since kindergarten!