Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Win $50 Worth Of Seeds

Midnight Gardener:
"The seed giveaway is officially underway.
Every person that signs up for my forum will be entered into a drawing for fifty dollars (US) of seed."

The seed giveaway rules:
1. You must be a registered forum member to be eligible to win.
2. You must make at least on post during the duration of the contest.
3 There are no age limits for entering.
4. You must use a valid email address when creating your account.

There is no cost to enter this drawing, it is completely free.
The winner will be chosen May 1st, 2008.


Breanne said...

you have competition for the free

thanks for all your responses to my questions about keeping seeds, and wintersowing - I looked at what I have leftover in pepper and tomato seeds, and I wont have to buy any next year for sure - even though this year I planted way too many...I think next year I may want to try what I see so many other people have been doing - growing lots of varieties of peppers and tomatoes...hope your winter-sown babies made it through the cold!

Tina said...

Hiya, Breanne,
thanks for dropping by!
That's good, I'm glad you're entered.
Oh boy - the varieties of pepper and tomato seeds is endless! Once you get sucked into collecting and growing, there's no end - muahahaha! lol.
As for the ws sprouts, I know I'm being overanxious. They always do fine, but I still worry needlessly every freaking year! I'm just a worry-wart. I do so hope you'll give it a try next year. Is ridiculously fun. Even with all the worrying. lol.