Monday, April 14, 2008

Spirea Got New Digs

It got done. Well, almost.
The Spireas have a new home in a brand new bed.
What should have taken only a few hours ended up being an all day event, what with having to come in at regular intervals to get out of the wind, warm up the hands, have a cuppa and pee breaks (what is it with the cold that makes me have to pee?). And it only got half done at that. Ahh, well.

The finished part looks so fab with all that beautiful, black compost spread out and waiting for more green. And the terra cotta tiles added some needed color on that side of the patio. Lordy, I get as excited as a five year old at Christmas when I look at that soil! Sad, I know. We have to mix more, but it will have to wait for a warm up as the compost pile is still 90% frozen solid.

I haven't checked yet today to see if the bushes are peeved with the move, but I'm sure they're fine. After all that, they best be happy!

I grabbed some cuttings during the move and also potted up a piece I'd layered. It took a year and a half, but there were some really nice looking roots. I usually don't have great luck with sticking, but we'll see. I did weigela with no prob (yeah, I know it's just about the easiest ever. Shh, don't remind me), so here's hoping.

Hopefully, we'll get the second half of the bed done next weekend. It's suppose to warm up and be nice, but this is CNY, so I'm NOT holding my breath. Besides, the weatherpersons are not so good at predictions around here. The weather is always messing with their heads.

I have to push the 'to do' schedule up a bit. The hubs might end up being bumped to a rotten shift at work which means he'll spend all day trying to sleep and won't be home until 1:30 am. He can't sleep during the day. He just can't do it. So, he'll spend all day in bed, tossing and turning, and then go to work dead tired but wide awake at home (when he should be passed out) because he's still wired up from work.
At least he isn't getting layed off. (fingers crossed).

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