Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oh, No...Slow Down!

Everything is popping up.
Here I was so anxious to see some growth, green of any kind.
Well, things are suddenly popping up everywhere after two days in the 60's.
Making an appearance:

Poppies (there are some coming up in a spot I don't remember planting them(surprise!) - anyone know which varieties have smooth edged leaves as apposed to ragged? No, they aren't prickers. lol)

Rhubarb (at least one lived!)


Bleeding Heart


Martagon lily

Trout lily (I hope the Virginia Blue Bells, Mayapple and Jack-in-the-Pulpit that I bought with them made it. They were cheap, so who knows. No above-ground signs yet)

Lizard Tail


Clematis (three of them have large leaf buds)


Spirea (also have leaf buds and I need to move them yet!)

Hollyhocks (have nice green leaves)


Iris (showing new, green growth)


Variegated Fountain Grass (WS'd last year - showing signs of green)

And, of course, there are tulip, hyacinth and dafs finally peeking up from the soil.

Poor things. Today is suppose to be the last day of decent weather before it all goes to hell - temps in the 20's, rain, snow, wind, you name it. Now I want everything to crawl back beneath the soil and wait for better weather. ~sigh~ 40 years of gardening and even though I know everything will be fine, I still worry about every single plant pulling through our crappy spring each year.


Flighty said...

I'm impressed by that plant list! It is surprising just how hardy most plants are when they start growing again and have to endure all sorts of weather conditions. Most gardeners worry don't they!
Have a good weekend! xx

Precipice said...

You're SO far ahead of us...we still have snow!

here is an update on the lavender oil experiment:

There once was a rodent called vole
Who squeezed through the tiniest hole
My fresh lettuce it ate
My lobelias, same fate
So to catch became my new goal.

Fresh greens are the voles' choice of food
So the traps were doing me no good
Lavender oil I applied
Around plants not yet died
And vole's nose is now totally screwed.

So next time your shoots all get munched
And your traps are just left untouched
Look out for a critter
Whose skin doesn't fit 'er
And set out some lavender punch!

And no more forays in a week--the mizuna is coming back, although the lobelias are pretty sad.

Rosemary, in the Chilcotin, B.C.

Tina said...

Hiya, Flighty!
Yeah, plants are more vigorous than I usually give them credit for. They'll be fine - I'm just a worry-wart.
Still, I'll be sad if I lose any to this stupid weather.

Hey there, Rosemary!
Thanks for stopping in.
I'm not counting my chickens yet, there's still snow in the forecast.

So, the lavender oil actually works? Holy cow - good for you!
I'm happy you rigged a 'better vole trap'...err, deterrent. lol.
Hopefulyy, this will keep them out for good. I wonder if the peppermint works just as well?
Anyway, you've won the battle!