Monday, April 21, 2008

Germinated Jugs

I won't mention what my daughter said when I told her I had sprouts in my jugs.
I was clicking through my favorites list of gardening blogs (why, oh, why can't I break this specific habit?) and got to Mary's My Northern Garden. She'd mentioned my...ahem...wildness about winter sowing. I think she was being quite kind as I'd say I'm more of a freaking fanatical lunatic about it.
Thanks for the mention, Mary!

Anyway, I realize I've been slack on recording what germinated when. Typical, eh? I always start out so well at the beginning of the record-keeping.

The last I'd recorded new germination was last Thursday, the 19th.
Bad WSer, bad!

Things are a week or two ahead of schedule this year. Not surprising as we've just had a high of 87.

I'll check later and edit to add to the list, but so far out of 51 containers (not counting the ones I started for my Aunt):

Poppy, mix 4/16
Blanket Flower 4/15
(somewhere in here I mixed up container #'s, so it wasn't really the Nicotiana that germed. Ack!)
Cardinal Flower 4/9
Hollyhock, peachy keen 4/15
Foxglove 4/15
Pansy 4/15
Shasta, Alaska 4/14
Aster, crego mix 4/9
Poppy, pink 4/9
Toad Flax 4/9
Snap Dragon 4/14
Canterbury Bells 4/11
Cosmos, sea shell 4/15
Larkspur 4/17
Sweet William 4/9
Forget-me-not 4/9
Helichrysum 4/9
Gloriosa Daisy 4/11
Coreopsis 4/15
Baby's Breath 4/8
Bachelor Button 4/9
Freebie wildflower mix from Burt's Bees 4/9

Not bad - just about 50% before May hits.
No veg this year with WSing, I just have too much fun starting things inside. I need to see something green in February. Maybe next year.

Soon, I'll list what's still hanging out on the plant stand - at least until June 1. Ugh!

I think I'll go sow some Black Seeded Simpson lettuce, unless I get sidetracked...

*Edit - **added:

Nicotiana (big yay!) 4/21
(3) Lupine, mixed 4/21
Pampas grass 4/21
Petunia, purple wave 4/21
Hollyhock, mini 4/21
Cleome, purple 4/21
(2nd jug) Snap Dragon 4/21

Interesting that one jug of snaps germed a week ahead of the other - same soil, same watering, same amount of sun, but the first sprouters were seed I'd saved of my own. Hmmmm...


Gina said...

tina - that is quite the list! i still have no sign of growth in many of my containers and then theres the growth in the mystery containers which I'm starting to think was actually from the potting soil I used. I planted more stuff yesterday (20 more!) of zinnia, cosmos and stuff like that. I'm out of control!

Tina said...

Hiya, Gina,
thanks for popping in.
20 more?! Holy cow - you go girl! You're not out of control as long as you're having fun. (well, that's my excuse!)
I haven't even thought about doing my annuals yet. I know, I'm such a slacker.
You might just have to be patient with the ones that haven't done anything yet. Maybe they're just waiting for a bit more warmth. I have a hard time with that too. lol. But, seeds are smart.

A few people complained about weeds in their potting soil last year and switched brands. I can't quite remember which one, but I think it might have been Miracle Grow? You never know, it might be weeds, but I sure hope it isn't. That would totally suck. I know someone taped all their weed seeds (that were in the soil they bought) to a card and mailed 'em back to the company. Ha!

Mary Schier said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm going to have to get some jugs next year since I don't think the fast-food clam shells I'm using are quite as effective as yours. You have a very impressive list of sprouts!

Christine said...

I have growth in my WS, and I keep forgetting to cut the top half off so they don't bake. Oops. The problem is, I wrote the names on the tops. I'll have to remedy that next year.

Tina said...

Hey there, Mary,
thanks for dropping in!
I think I like the milk jugs best. They're large enough that I can get the soil nice and deep and it doesn't dry out as quick (lesson learned, myself!) and there's lots of head-room if I get distracted and don't get them in the ground as fast as I should. I'm sure you'll find something you like that works well for you. Deeper is definitely better. It's a fun learn-as-you-go gardening experiment, though. Good luck with your sprouts!

Hey, Christine,
thanks for dropping by!
Ahhh, I do the 'hingy' thing with mine so I can't lose the tops. lol. I'd be really bad with that if I detatched the tops altogether. I stick pieces of those vinyl mini-blinds in the jugs with the ID written on them in pencil. The pencil never fades. I figure, that way, I can't screw it up! lol.

I don't think there's any fear of mine drying out as I'm such a 'sprout mama' that I'm out there staring at them 2 or 3 times a day. :)