Friday, January 04, 2008

Winter Sowing Will Have To Wait

Yeah, another shameless plug for winter sowing.
I can't help it - so many people are just salivating over seed catalogs and waiting impatiently for spring.
Why? Start 'em now people. Yeah, in the dead of winter! Go play in dirt in Jan, Feb, get the idea. Get some milk jugs (or whatever containers on hand that will work) and go for it.

I gave my own advice last year and learned to start mine a little later here in zone 5.

I don't have a choice about it this year, though. Temps yesterday were -13. Yes, you read right: 13 below zero. Ugh! And the forecast is calling for record temps of a possible 60 in the coming week. Unreal. So, I'll hold off until the temps even out a little. Well, maybe, just maybe, I'll throw some lupine seeds out there - they can take it!

I found some seed on clearance at Kinney's yesterday (along with some Charlie for a Christmas gift!). My youngest son is on this 'hot' food kick. He puts hot sauce on just about everything that's going to touch his lips. Oh, to be that young again! Flammable hot wings are history for this aged digestive tract. ~sigh~ Anyhoo, I found a clearance pack of jalapeno peppers and snatched them up. Maybe this will be the key to getting him interested in gardening? ~wink, wink~ And they had a packet of Armenian cukes that I've been wanting to try. Well, I do have trellis room and who can resist 3 foot cucumbers? Yes, I know they aren't really cukes, but I haven't run accross one person yet that didn't sing their praises!

And just as a mention: Jung seeds (catalog page 5) is offering 'Margaret's Peppers'. Caption - This superb pepper was presented to us by Margaret Gubin, a long-time Jung customer from Cambria, Wisconsin, who urged us to produce it for our customers. The original seed was hand-carried from Hungary to the U.S. by a family member and seed stock was carefully maintained by Margaret for over 50 years. Margaret lost her valiant fight against cancer in 2005, but her legacy continues with this first production of her pepper. In her memory, we are donating 25 cents of every packet sold toward cancer research.

If you already order from them, why not add a packet to that order?

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