Monday, December 10, 2007

Sorta Garden Blog Thieves?

I really hesitate to mention them, but it's getting very, very annoying to see how many gardeners' blogs I read on a daily basis being reposted shorts with an author who is obviously NOT the author of said blog.

Ok, so they list a link back to the blog to read the entire content, but honestly, I don't even get the point of this site! There isn't even a search function to find any specific info if you wanted to! Is it simply to get hits?

I found out mine was being re-listed by sticking a post feed footer on my blog and setting a google alerts for that phrase.

I simply don't get the point of this site. It's kind of like a ridiculously sucky copy of 'Garden Voices' titled 'Seeds and Bulbs Blog Stories Today'.

I'm not going to put a direct link to them. You can do the work if you want to plow through pages and pages of content at upzee (just stick it in google and it should pop up first on the list) and see if your blog is listed. I'm betting it is, since as I've already said, I've found tons I read daily, including mine.

It's not that I disagree with the concept or the 'submitted by'. It just rubs my fur the wrong way to see 'Author' signed as a person who obviously isn't.


MrBrownThumb said...

Those "submitted" by tags are really fake. Because it is all done automatically by a plugin that searches for keywords and tags. You set up the program or plug-in and you can give it the name you want.

The reason most places do it is so they can build content and back links and once the site is profitable they can then turn around and sell it or splatter a bunch of porn on there and make mula.

Tina said...

Hey there MBT,
Thanks for dropping by!
See, I learned something today.
At the rate they're copying blogs and links, they'll have enough content pretty quick!

Amanda Thomsen said...

I think I know what your talking about- I've seen my name on things I haven't written and yet... I am a little flattered to see my stuff splashed all over the front page.
It's starting to wear off though and I'm starting to be bugged by it...