Thursday, November 29, 2007

Seed Paper - Pressed Flower - Rubber Stamped - Christmas Cards

Pictures removed because they are being stolen and used by Polyvore!!

Yup, that's exactly what they are!
Handmade paper.
Seed paper.
Pressed flowers.
Rubber stamped.
Christmas cards.

And they came out better than I ever expected I would get for my first try.

It felt sooo darn good to be doing a new craft. Ok, 3 new crafts I've never done. I just had to try them all at once! :)

When I finished the paper, I wasn't so sure I'd like the ragged edges, but now that they're actual cards , I think they go with the pressed flowers nicely.

Dried seed paper
I added some globe amaranth petals for just a touch of color. I didn't want too much bling competing with the flowers.

Inside card

I ended up gluing a 4-leaf clover inside each card, too. I had to do something with that mountain! Maybe they'll bring everyone else some Christmas luck. :)

Below are a few examples of the finished cards. I did 20. Maybe I should do a few more...just in case.

Front of cards

And here are the cute little hedgehog envelopes they'll make the mail trip in. I hope the delicate flowers survive! The postal system can be brutal.

I am so darn glad I gave this a try this year. I hope the recipients enjoy getting something other than the normal Christmas card! If I'm lucky, They'll actually plant them and enjoy the flowers, but I'm not holding my breath. lol.

Hmmm, I had so much fun doing these, maybe I'll make this a yearly tradition! Ooooo, must grow new, interesting flowers to press! Wow, could I enable myself a little more?

(EDIT: They looked much neater - flatter, smoother - after I pressed them and cleaned up the edges! I wonder how those patterned edging scissors would make them look. hmmm...)


Diane said...

Tina, thanks for stopping by and I love your cards!! Just so you don't think I stole your idea, I first wrote about this in my weekly column that I researched in early November and it appeared in the GPInk! newspaper November 19, 2007. It's a print newspaper but they have the columns archived here. I thought it would be a great thing to share with my blog readers especially since I found an additional source. Keep me posted because if you do more of these for next year or for other occasions, I'd be pleased to let my readers know and send them your way! I hope you'll visit more.

Diane, Sand to Glass

Tina said...

Hi Diane!
Thanks for dropping in.
Oh, no! I would never think you stole my idea! I was just surprised at what a coincidence it was that you were posting about these at almost the same time I was.
Besides, you can't really 'steal' an idea, can you? Honestly, I hope many people will give these a try as they're so easy to do. And fun! Maybe, if there is enough interest, I'll post the instructions.