Friday, October 19, 2007

Complaint Of The Day

Menopause sucks. There's no other way to say it. Is just sucks.

I used to complain when Aunt Flo showed up once a month for a few days, but dang, now she's here at least twice a month lately, and unpacking her suitcase!

Maybe that wouldn't be too bad by itself, but the scrunching me in the gut and cranking the freaking thermostat up to 120ish is absolutely going to far there, Mrs.!

Oh, and please stop making silent noises so I can sleep a whole night through. Pretty please? 8 hours of continuous sleep would be delicious.

Ya know what? I think you need to pack that bag of yours and just git!

The least she could do is whip out that wallet and pony up for the extra expense she's causing me in the femininities aisle every week.

It's ok, she just altered my mood with her smart remarks, but that'll only last 5 seconds and I'll be on cloud 9 (er, maybe 7) in no time. Start those stop watches now - may last a whole 15 minutes before I want to smack her again!

Relatives can be such a royal pain in the ... uterus.


Ilona said...

mild exercise regularly through the month helps some... for me those symptoms ( I had some just like yours) lasted for about a year or so. I don't know if that is any comfort when you're going through it, but it should subside in due time.

Tina said...

thanks so much for the tip! At this point, I think I'll give anything a try. But, uh, talking years of this crap doesn't really improve the mood, ya know. lol.